[?] help [Esc] for cursor [click] get info [WASD 🠜🠝🠞🠟 wheel] move [QE] turn [RF] up/down [L] flymode [<>] save/restore [Space] music
[?] help click gear above for instructions
Superhero Comics is taking a long time to load.
This might be due to:
Usually the store loads faster after first visit
How to use:
For PC:
Click or tap to enter (steals your pointer)
ESC key to exit (returns your pointer)
Use wheel, arrow or WASD keys to move
~(tilde) key resets position
SPACE bar toggles muzak
(look for top-left mute button if no sound)
Click or tap on:
floor to teleport
store map for instructions or to teleport
books, signs & posters for info
click again on books for even more info
speakers & TVs for music & sound
For VR:
Enter via the headset icon below
Use joysticks to teleport or walk
Work-in-progress - bugs are in here
If you get stuck try F5 refresh to fix
Enable ambient occlusion:
Disable sound effects:
Enable device orientation:
VR joysticks:
Swap left and right VR joysticks:
Rebuild meshes:
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